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Welcome back su? (was Re: New sysvinit package ...)

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 05:39:28PM -0500, Sergey Okhapkin wrote:
> New cygwin sysvinit package available for download. Init is the parent
> of all unix processes. Its primary role is to create processes from  a
> script stored in the file /etc/inittab (see  inittab(5)). This file
> usually has entries which cause init to spawn gettys on each line that
> users can log in. It also controls autonomous processes required by any
> particular system.

Since Sergey has contributed sysvinit, should su be "welcomed" back to
the sh-utils package?  I'm suggesting this because some rc scripts
(e.g., PostgreSQL's) need su to function properly.

I understand that su requires special Windows privileges in order to
successfully setuid().  Maybe patching su to abort with the following
error message:

    su: Currently only supported when run under the LocalSystem account.

when not run under the LocalSystem account is sufficient to help
minimize the mailing list support burden?

Anyway with the attached (quick) patch to su, I was able to start up
PostgreSQL using the standard PostgreSQL rc script via init with it
ultimately running under a "postgres" account.


P.S. Note that the patch is a starting point -- not a finished product.

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