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Has anyone fully documented the setup wizard UI?

By "fully documented" I mean a complete explanation of all the wizard
panels, including all the fields and controls on each panel.  I have read
all of the FAQs and the User's Guide.  These are very good, but they stop
short of giving the final details of how these controls are intended to be
used or how they affect installation.  As a new Cygwin user, I found this
frustrating.  I have experimented extensively with setup.exe (
the last couple of days and read numerous mailing list postings, but I
still don't have a full understanding of the controls.

In everything I have looked at, I have only found scattered and fragmentary
references to the UI details, such as a FAQ article that mentioned the
cycle glyphs in the context of uninstalling packages, or a mailing list
post implying that 'Exp' is short for experimental.

If this stuff isn't fully documented somewhere already, I will volunteer to
extend the current documentation, provided those of you who know the
details help fill the gaps in my knowledge.


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