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Re: Importing symbols from .exe's

Garrett Banuk <> wrote:

> Hello. We are trying to build a library that references symbols from
> an executable. How it works is the executable loads up and then loads
> the dynamic library. The library can then implicitly reference
> symbols inside the executable. This works fine under Linux and
> Solaris.
> Under Cygwin I am having problems building this library. I get the
> error "undefined reference to `XXX`" for all the symbols. The library
> has no problem resolving symbols that are in other libraries, but
> fails on the symbols in the executable.
> So how do I build this library? The symbols can not be resolved until
> runtime when the executable loads up the library. Thanks.

Windows' dynamic loader isn't powerful enough to do what you want. I think
that Apache takes the approach of putting the symbols that need to be shared
into a second library, which the original program and library both import.


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