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Trouble compiling e100 driver

I do not know if this is a cygwin problem or not but I thought I would see if anyone on this list could help. I am currently working in BlueCat 3.0 (linux kernel 2.2.12) in a windows environment running under cygwin32. I have been having several problems compiling the e100 driver for the Intel Ethernet controller 82559ER. (This driver compiled with no problem under Redhat 8). First, I was getting a “missing separator” error which was fixed by taking out the leading spaces in front of the command lines in the Makefile and then adding tabs. Next, I had a problem with the kernel source path which seems to be resolve by using “make install KSP=/BlueCat/usr/src/linux-2.2.12/” when compiling. 


Now, though, I am getting the following errors when I try to compile:


cat: /proc/version: No such file or directory

Makefile:159: *** commands commence before first target. Stop.


The section where there seems to be a problem is:


# get the kernel version - we use this to find the correct install path
KVER := $(shell $(CC) $(CFLAGS) -E -dM $(VERSION_FILE) | grep UTS_RELEASE | \
          awk '{ print $$3 }' | sed 's/\"//g')

ifneq ($(KVER),$(shell uname -r))
      $(warning ***)
      $(warning *** Warning: kernel source version ($(KVER)))
      $(warning *** does not match running kernel  ($(shell uname -r)))
      $(warning *** Continuing with build,)
      $(warning *** resulting driver may not be what you want)
      $(warning ***)

Line 159 is the fist $(warning ***) line.


Do any of you have any ideas about how to resolve this problem? I have attached the Makefile and have pasted the output of the cygcheck.out file below. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Cygnus Win95/NT Configuration Diagnostics

Current System Time: Tue Nov 12 09:55:52 2002


WinNT Ver 5.0 build 2195 Service Pack 2


Path: /BlueCat/cdt/bin









      /Program Files/Common Files/Adaptec Shared/System

      /Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/Tools/WinNT

      /Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/MSDev98/Bin

      /Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/Common/Tools

      /Program Files/Microsoft Visual Studio/VC98/bin


SysDir: C:\WINNT\System32

WinDir: C:\WINNT


HOME = `/'


PWD = `/BlueCat/usr/src/e100-2.1.15/src'


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