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Re: Missing commands/incorrect behaviour after update

Eriksson, Michael <> wrote:

> Hi,
> after updating my cygwin installation on Friday (with repeated
> re-updates on Monday) I have several problems.
> 1) Several commands (at least cat and fold) are missing, even if the
> man pages are still there. Both the download and installations where
> (eventually) made with everything available through the installer.

Re install the relevant packages. if you don't know which the relvant packages

> 2) A newly created directory can only be entered after chmod 700 (or
> similar). This is (I believe) consistent with my umask of 122, but a)
> inconsistent with previous behaviour, b) bloody stupid.

Ok... You ask (set your umask) your computer to do something, and then
expect it do to something else?
Analogous situation:
$ touch foo bar
$ rm foo
<computer deletes foo>
"No, stupid computer, you should have realized I wanted to delete bar

As to why the behaviour has changed, ntsec is now on by default in recent
Cygwin DLLs.

> 3) I have sporadic occurences of being automatically put in input mode
> (instead of the correct normal mode) when going through the history
> with the arrow keys or j/k. (Using, of course, vi command line
> editing.)

No idea - I don't use vi command line editing.


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