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Lesstif compilation problem and setup.exe

I decided to try compiling the latest version of Lesstif to get my feet wet doing compilations of packages. Download and untaring went well. Compilation seemed to go ok also until I'd gotten about 3/4 of the way through. Then Cygwin refused to continue compiling. I was in fvwm2 at the time. When I flipped back to the window for Cygwin it had quite a few messages about having run out of process space and that it could no longer fork a new process. I could not even exit Cygwin. (ie: typing "exit" just generated a new error.)

I decided that maybe fvwm2 was the culprit (after all X does suck up a lot of process space sometimes) and so I rebooted my system, got back into Cygwin, and recompiled. Same results.

My System:

Windows98se box
Memory: 512mb
HDD: 30GB (17GB used)
Motherboard graphics, sound, etc....

Cygwin version: (currently downloading latest version to give this a go again [as I type]) Release available on August 5th, 2002. Full installation download.

Notes: I was using tcsh under fvwm2. Nothing fancy and I just did a "make" (no options) after doing the ./configure (no options). There didn't seem to be any problems with the compilations (no errors only a few warnings). It just seemed to be the number of iterations make had to go through which caused it to run out of process space.

If you need a screen dump - let me know. I can either try to capture the text itself (didn't work before but I can try again) or do a screen capture (found a nice on-line product). Didn't want to post the screen capture.


I'd like to propose a couple of changes to setup.exe:
1. Make the dialog box resizable. It would be nice to be able to see the entire set of
information about what is going to be downloaded without having to scroll back and

2. Change the options on what to do so "Update" is shown. Either "Install/Update" or
maybe a separate radio button. Anything just so we don't go "I don't want to install
the whole thing again!" before remembering the program is smart enough to just do the
update. :-)


Mark Manning

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