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Re: patch.exe crashed on cygwin-1.3.15-2 (ATTN: Cygwin patch maintainer!)

Andrew Chang <> wrote:

> I just noticed that the binary compiled from patch-2.5-3-src.tar.bz2
> simply crashed on startup.
> Here is what I did
> a) install cygwin-1.3.15-2 from scratch
> b) un-tar patch-2.5-3-src.tar.bz2 into  /tmp
> c) cd /tmp/patch-2.5-3
> d) ./configure
> e) make
> f) ./patch < /dev/null
>      out of memorySegmentation fault (core dumped)
>      (my trace indicate it died really early in main(); within the
> first few line)
> (Note that the binary compiled under cygwin-1.3.12 works fine)
> Anyone seeing the same problem?

Nope. I just tried it out myself, and it seems to work fine. (No segfault
Send the output of cygcheck -srv to the list (as an attachment).
Specifically, note that the 20021107-1 release of binutils is buggy.

ATTN: Cygwin patch maintainer!
The patch source tarball (patch-2.5-3-src.tar.bz2) has a .bz2 extension but
is a *gzip* file!

(And there is no CYGWIN-PATCHES or other recognized packaging scheme - but
given that patch hasn't been updated in ages, thats not too surprizing.)


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