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RE: postgresql question

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Jason Tishler []
> Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2002 7:48 PM
> To: Ralf Habacker
> Cc: Cygwin
> Subject: Re: postgresql question
> Ralf,
> On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 03:18:38PM +0100, Ralf Habacker wrote:
> > > Understood.  At least PostgreSQL 7.3 (yet to be released) will build
> > > OOTB again.
> >
> > one question: Does this distribution contains a running
> > contrib/pgcrypto library?
> No, but all of contrib including pgcrypto build OOTB under Cygwin.
But some pgcyrpto functions returns different crypted hashes as under linux for
example and that is the reason why the below mentioned regression test fails.

> > For a sourceforge clone development environment with cygwin, apache/php,
> > postgresql (works great)
> Very cool!
> > and proftpd
> Does proftpd work for you under Cygwin?  When I tried, I discovered many
> issues even though it built OOTB.

What do you mean especially ?
I have build it with the postgre mod_sql module to use the sf clone postgresql
user data base for authenfication.

I have recognized some issues with setgeiud and so one, but had only need one
patch to disable switching to the root context. There still some warnings if
running proftd in -d9 debug mode, but it seems to work. I have done a short test
of Authentification, upload and download and it seems to work.

Additional I've got problems with getting the propper ftp client iuser id/group
from the database, but this may be a configuration error.

> > I especially need the md5 encryption and have encountered a problem
> > with some crypting functions:
> >
> > test init                 ... ok
> > test md5                  ... FAILED
> > test sha1                 ... FAILED
> > test hmac-md5             ... FAILED
> > test hmac-sha1            ... FAILED
> > test blowfish             ... ok
> > test rijndael             ... ok
> > test crypt-des            ... ok
> > test crypt-md5            ... FAILED
> > test crypt-blowfish       ... ok
> > test crypt-xdes           ... ok
> >
> > The cygwin mailing list(s) does not contain any usefull hints about
> > this. Any ideas about this problem ?
> What is the above?  It looks like a PostgreSQL regression test output,
> but I have never seen the above when I run the regression test.

$ cd <postgresql-source-root>/contrib/pgcrypto
make installcheck

As i said above, it seems to me, that there are different md5 implementations at
all. It's very confusing.
In short, postgresql create different md5 keys under cygwin and linux

I have opened an additional thread on cygwin with this stuff "md5 problems with

> BTW, I'm still looking for a cygipc beta tester:
> Are you willing to help me out?
Jashon Tischler wrote:

>I'm proposing that the attached patch (against cygipc-1.11-1) be applied
>to cygipc since it solves the Cygwin PostgreSQL hang problems.
>Specifically, this patch changes cygipc's shmget() and semget() to
>return ENOSYS instead of EACCES if ipc-daemon is not running.

>However, I'm concerned that this change could adversely affect other
>applications (e.g., Cygwin KDE) that rely on cygipc.  Would a such a
>user be willing to try a pre-built, already patched version of cygipc?
>If so, then this package can be found at:

Have I only update the ipc-daemon or have I to rebuild all the client
applications ?

The patches let me assume that this affect only the daemon.


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