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Alternate Cygwin download methods (was Re: NO huge packages, please!)

> At 10:38 2002-11-07, Peter A. Castro wrote:
>> Except that they end up either having to craft the commands to pull
>> only those package directories they really want, or pull the whole
>> she-bang. Again, not ideal.  If I get time, I'll look at Setup and
>> see what it might take to add this "feature" (no guarantees, though).

Randall R Schulz <> wrote:
> Well, that's what shell scripts are for, right? Personally, I have a
> very low threshold of reuse or repetition before I dash off a script
> to relieve me of "manual" effort. I just hate repeating myself!
> Be sure to review Max Bowsher's recent mail about the Setup code.
> Apparently it (Setup's source) is in slight disarray with some ongoing
> enhancements in progress.

I thought I might as well mention my download method:
I wrote a little script to get a setup.ini file from a mirror, and then use
Michael Chase's to make a list of URLs to get, and pass that
to wget. I then invoke again, which tidys the files away into
their correct location in the directory tree.
The great advantage is:- You can mirror only [curr] files, and clean_setup
can delete/move files as the become [prev]. Plus, you can exclude packages
by globbing on the package name.


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