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Re: ls --color on windows 2000

Nelson Teixeira <nt777 at hotmail dot com> wrote:

Is there any means of making ls --color work on windows 2k ? As far as I know ME+ OSs from MS removed ANSI color support. How can I overcome this ? is there any replacement for cmd.exe or ansi.sys that I can use on windows 2k to make this work ?

Thnx in advance,
ls --color works for me in W2K. Works in cmd.exe; works in bash command window; works in rxvt.

If it doesn't work for you, something is screwed-up in your installation. Update your installation of cygwin package and fileutils package or reinstall if you already have the current version. You can check which version of la you have by typing "ls --version". Mine responds "ls (fileutils) 4.1".

Maybe you're not using cygwin's ls. Type "which ls" in your command window. Should be "/usr/bin/ls".

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