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Re: setup.exe: why fixed size?

Ralf Fassel <> wrote:
> * Vince Hoffman
>> This is an old old question and not as simple as it seems, search the
>> archives for more details
> I tried, but the October/November archives did not yield anything
> related, and searching for "setup.exe" w/o date restriction gave me an
> `internal server error' :-(

The simple answer is that before setup can be made resizable, an
architecture for controlling how each control on each page of the wizard
resizes with the window. This is a substantial amount of work.

Also: setup development discussions happen on

>> and if you want it lots submit a patch ;)
> Do you know where the sources for setup.exe live?  I tried CVS
> src/winsup, but did not find anything related (/setup, /netinstall
> ...)


Note that current setup HEAD is to some extent in a state of disrepair. The
link above and the setup sources haven't been updated since gcc3 became the
primary compiler for Cygwin. As a result, patches are required to build with
either of the current Cygwin releases of gcc and gcc2. See recent
cygwin-apps archives fot details.

Also, there are some bugs in HEAD which have occurred since the last


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