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Re: Problem with function keys codes with vt100 emulation

Thank you both for the explanations.

The differnece between a "terminal" (as in cygwin console) and a "terminal
emulator" (as in hyperterm) finally clicked for me.
I am interfacing (using telnet) to an application that expects an ansi
terminal and this is just not possible with the cygwin console.

While running X-Windows, I know I can do the key mapping feature of X to
accomplish the above for, say, xterm or another (virtual) terminal
application.  Randall suggested looking into RXVT and I did briefly.  It
appears that RXVT is also X based.  I am looking for a solution that does
not need X-Windows and is hopefully bundled with Cygwin.

 I understand your statment "Cygwin emulates the cygwin term type" to mean
that key code generation is done in the cygwin1.dll (as Randall said
before).  So in order to emulate another terminal type I need something like
kermit or hyperterm and can also do telnet.  Are there any vt100 or ansi
terminal emulators shipped as a part of cygwin that don't require X-Windows
and can do telnet?



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