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Re: Is there a tool to use .dsp files for make?

Have a look at CMake
Basically, you create a simple input format that cmake then
turns into a makefile or a dsp file, or a .NET project file.


At 03:18 PM 11/5/2002 -0700, J. Scott Edwards wrote:

>I appologize for the somewhat off topic post.  I have been using Cygwin
>for my development on projects in the past.  On the projects in the past
>we have had both .dsp files for programmers who use Visual Studio and
>Makefiles for programmers who didn't.  Of course there was some occasional
>grief when one of them got out of sync.  But on the new project the people
>in charge have decided that we will only have .dsp files and everybody has
>to use Visual Studio.
>Does anyone know of a tool which can either just do what make does from a
>.dsp file or convert a .dsp file to a makefile?  I have looked through the
>.dsp files and it doesn't look horribly difficult, but then everything
>looks easy until you actually try to do it ;)
>  -Scott
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