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Re: Perl 5.6.1: Problem with CRLF/LF conversions

Hallo Mikael,

Am Dienstag, 5. November 2002 um 14:41 schriebst du:

> I'm trying to port a framework of perl scripts to cygwin. I'm running
> cygwin 1.3.14 on WinXP. The problem is that perl seems to assume binmode
> whenever I read a file, but text mode when I write to one.

> The sample code below shows the problem.
> If I write a line to a file with a LF-only ending, perl (or cygwin) adds a
> CR. When I later read the same line from the file the CR isn't removed.

> Is there some special option I need to set to make perl always assume text
> mode unless I explicitly use the binmode command?

> #!/usr/bin/perl -w

> open(F, "> foobar.txt") || die "Cannot create foobar.txt";
> print F "Line1\n";
> print F "Line2\n";
> close F;

> open(F, "< foobar.txt") || die "Cannot open foobar.txt";
> while (<F>) {
>     s/(.)/sprintf("%02x ", ord($1))/ges;
>     print "$_\n";
> }
> close F;

> exit 0;

Please consider to upgrade Perl to version 5.8,
click the 'Exp' radiobutton in setup.exe to load
down and install perl-5.8.0

Then you may play with the new PERLIO features,
please see: perldoc perlio for details.


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