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Question about Makefile, Rules.make?


I met the similar problem with the part of message after MAKE operation which is about Rules.make.
(1)As I use the original makefile:
Makefile:43: /Rules.make: No such file or directory
make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/Rules.make'. Stop.

(2)As I set Configure... with the Arguments: -includedir /usr/G4/linux/include -srcdir /usr/G4/group4c
then click "OK", excute the "Autoconf and automake".

wrapper.c:32:27:net/irda/irda.h:No such file or directory
wrapper.c:33:30:net/irda/wrapper.h.h:No such file or directory
gmake[3]:***[wrapper.o]Error 1
gmake[2]:***[all-recursive]Error 1
gmake[1]:***[all-recursive]Error 1
gmake:***[all-recursive-am]Error 2

Project purpose: Want to debug the linux source code some modules

KDE2.0 new project with C language,
add file from linux kernal source code:

1) What's relationship among, Makefile and Rules.make three files?
2) How to setup or write or revise these three files, and where to put these each file?
3) What about "$(TOPDIR)", where to set it?
4) Would you like to give some advices to setup a project with the linux kernal source code? More in detail or some examples are my favourites.

Thank you very much for your reply soon.

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