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Re: /etc/group not being read

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 01:59:12PM -0500, James D Below wrote:
> here are the exact command/files:
> $ id
> uid=1084(xxjames) gid=512(Domain Admins) groups=1078(clearcase),512(Domain 
> Admins),513(Domain Users),1077(ncp),1023(ncppc),1005(NCPSERVE),1006(nice)

Was that after or before login into ssh?

Are you sure there is only one /etc/group file in your system 
and the mount points are the same for sshd and you? Verify
before and after ssh login. Wait, it must be OK because editing 
passwd seems to have an effect
Another verification is to edit group and change some text,
e.g. Domain Users -> XXXXX  and see if it has any effect. 

> $ cat /etc/group
> SYSTEM:S-1-5-18:18:
> clearcase:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-1078:1078:
> Domain Admins:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-512:512:
> Domain Guests:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-514:514:
> Domain Users:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-513:513:
> ncp:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-1077:1077:xxjames
> ncp_modoc:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-1095:1095:
> ncppc:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-1023:1023:
> NCPSERVE:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-1005:1005:
> nice:S-1-5-21-24129212-729888505-1120166462-1006:1006:

I cut and pasted your group, changed my passwd gid to 1077 in
my passwd.
~> ssh localhost
Last login: Tue Nov  5 11:34:19 2002 from localhost
You are successfully logged in to this server!!!

PHumblet@PHumblet ~
$ id
uid=11054(PHumblet) gid=1077(ncp) groups=1077(ncp)
When I restart Cygwin I also see
~: id
uid=11054(PHumblet) gid=1077(ncp) groups=1077(ncp)

> Before sending this to you I tried to change it from 1077 to 513 but id 
> still shows it as "512"

Is that before or after ssh login? 
> I have no idea what is going on now. 
Very strange.

> I wonder if there is a registry setting that is holding onto the gid.
No registry, the gid is purely a Cygwin thing. 

Let's clarify 
if changing the gid in passwd affects id when you restart Cygwin
if the mounts are the same before and after you ssh
if the problem persists if you stop and restart sshd 

What version are you using? (uname -a)


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