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Re: don't want leading underscore


Where else have you sought solutions to your problems? Have you consulted the GCC book? Have you asked your questions in one of the GCC-specific forums? If not, look here: <>.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 08:01 2002-11-05, Benjamin K. wrote:
> >I want to be binary compatible with linux and other operating systems.
> Binary compatible? That really has little meaning since there's far more to
> binary compatibility than how symbols from the program source code are or
> are not adorned when emitted into the object code files.

Of course, but that is one of the incompatibility.

> Apparently it can be changed. If GCC under Linux doesn't prepend the
> underscore and under Cygwin it does, then it's at some level configurable.
> Get the GCC book ("Using and Porting GNUCC").

Yes one would think so.

> This excerpt from the output of "gcc -dumpspecs" suggests leading
> underscores is a configurable option (though I don't know why both
> "leading-underscore" and "no-leading-underscore" are listed:

The problem is that this command line options didn't work. Of course the only thing that I have to do is to change the compiler source. I've done this already, but this is not the solution. (just changing bsd.h a bit) Than I've the problem getting symbols with underscores. (there should be an working option) This is just a bad implementation ... or should I say BUG in Gcc.
That is a rash and probably unwarranted condemnation.

Benjamin Kalytta

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