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Re: Backwards typeahead

Steve Chapel wrote:
With the cygwin 1.3.13 bash shell running in a Windows 98 SE DOS window, I've experienced that characters I've typed in while a command is running appear reversed when the command prompt appears again. I found this thread <> from April 2001 on this subject and wondered if there is any more information on this problem. If not, I can look into debugging the problem myself, although I'll need a lot of help getting started.
I've been told that the backwards typeahead is due to a bug in the OS. When the system is overloaded, keystroke interrupts are stacked up. When the interrupts are popped off the stack, the keystrokes are recognized in the reverse order they were typed.

Although I fully accept this explanation, it avoids the problem with cygwin. In a DOS command prompt a dir command takes less than one second even if there are hundreds of files listed. In a 4DOS command prompt the DJGPP command ls takes a similar amount of time. But in a cygwin bash shell an ls command takes three seconds even with only a handful of files, and it overloads the system so much that interrupts need to be stacked.

So again I ask for information on how this cygwin problem can be solved. It makes typeahead completely useless for me.

Steve Chapel

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