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]Should ntsec & autotools work under XP prof ?

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Should ntsec & autotools work under XP prof ?  
Date :    
Sun, 03 Nov 2002 16:53:57 +0000  
As I have stock default security token in my "limited" account, 
and a stock cygwin distribution, AFAIK, and autotools is not 
compatible with ntsec on my system, I wonder if anyone else 
has it working ? 

That is, has anyone seen these three all work together ? 
  i) installation & use as a normal user 
ii) ntsec 
iii) autotools 

I ran the cygwin setup as my normal user, and when prompted, 
gave it credentials for an administrator. 

I deduce that the cygwin loader uses NT permissions to determine

whether I can run an executable, as all the executables in 
/user/bin list as 
   -rwx------ Administ None 
yet it still lets me run them, and in fact the NT permissions 
allow Users to Read&Execute. 

So I assume that this is a vagary of the ntsec mapping that 
the permissions are being displayed as not executable to users, 
and that this is not the reality of what the loader obeys. 

I guess that the -x shell test used in the autotools wrappers 
is actually implemented by looking at the unix permissions not
NT permissions, and as the unix permissions are wrong (as
above) this is why the autotools wrappers fail. 

I don't know the architectural answer as to 
- should the -x shell test look at the real NT permissions 
- should the unix permissions more realistically reflect the 
   NT permissions 
- is it not possible to get the -x shell test correct for cygwin

Anyway, if anyone knows the answer to my compabitility curiosity

(autotools + ntsec + non-administrative user) 
or if this jogs any memories, I'd be curious to hear any



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