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Re: How can I use in console codepage different from ANSI and OEM?


Sunday, 03 November, 2002 Alexander Gotlib wrote:

>> AG>         Subj? For russian language ANSI-codepage is cp1251 (win1251), OEM - cp866
>> AG> (dos866). But in unix systems used another one - koi8-r. Koi8-r is de-facto 
>> AG> standart for E-mail and News messages. Therefore will be good if Cygwin 
>> AG> console will receive possibility to use some different from "CYGWIN 
>> AG> codepage=oem" and "CYGWIN codepage=ansi". May be "CYGWIN codepage=none"?
>> AG> P.S.:   In cygwin beta 19 and 20 time was no such problem. Simple run 
>> AG> " 20866" at bash-console and you can relax with koi8-r codepage. :-)
>> See

AG>         Thanx for help. But I've just try this recipe and nothing win. :-(

Which recipe? The thread talks about proposed patch. By looking at the
announcements, you may find that the patch has never been applied to
the main cygwin sources. So you can either apply it yourself and build
your own version of cygwin1.dll or wait for this patch to be applied.
And no, i don't know when it's supposed to be, and whether author's
assignment reached Redhat. 

Egor.   ICQ 5165414 FidoNet 2:5020/496.19

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