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Re: Setup freezes installing from local dir


At 16:08 2002-11-02, Huijing Zhou wrote:
It's not clear why you would think that you'd have to change your answer the second time around either. If you specified z:\cygwin the first time then it should be fairly obvious that you should specific z:\cygwin the second time.
I thought so because I was familar to the old Setup in which I chose the directory containing the "setup.ini".

In any event, I suspect that in this case "freezes" probably means "didn't wait long enough". It can take setup a little while to digest the information in the local directory if you've downloaded a number of packages. So, you should wait a few minutes (depending on the speed of your computer) before concluding that setup is hung.
You are right. I just had to wait. Still I would prefer Setup showing some signs of life, or at least pre-warn the user it would act like freezing now. Since if Task Manager says Setup is "Not responding", most user would believe Setup is dead.
As we've discussed here before, even a fast computer can take quite a while (nearly 2 minutes on a wide SCSI drive and a fast CPU, if you have a full Cygwin package complement, e.g.). Furthermore, at this point there's little reason to believe there are any overt bugs in the latest release version of Cygwin Setup (namely, Unless you have reason to believe you have other problems with your system that manifest themselves as programs hanging, you should simply sit tight and let Setup do its thing.

I think people would agree some sort of progress meter or activity display would be a good idea. But someone who posses the motivation, the skill and the time to add such a feature will have to come forward, take the initiative and contribute the code if it's going to happen.

You don't have to worry about what kind of directories setup creates, actually. Just use the same directory for each invocation.
Sometimes for some reason I renamed the lengthy "http%3a%2f%2f..." directory to something shorter. Is that allowed? Would Setup still find the subdirectory or does it only look for "http...", "ftp..." etc.? Is is even allowed to move "setup.ini" and "release" to the same directory with "setup.exe" and delete the "http%3a%2f%2f..."?
That unsightly name is derived directly from the URL from which the installation packages are downloaded. If you rename your local repository, that directory won't be seen by Setup and Setup will behave as if it's downloading from that mirror for the first time (and create a directory of the same name as the one you renamed).

So no, it is not "allowed" to move that directory. Not if you want Setup to continue to use it.

setup does state it clearly. It should default to the directory that you used the first time you downloaded.
Where? Setup shows the same explaining text whether you chose "Install from Internet", "Download from Internet" or "Install from Local Directory". I think different, case specific texts would be better.

If that isn't a big enough hint for you then hopefully this email makes it clear.
In fact your mail does. Thanks a lot.


Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

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