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Re: Cygwin, GNU make and VC++ ?

On Mon, 28 Oct 2002 22:51:21 -0500, Christophe Dupre
<> wrote:

>Hello everyone,
>I'm trying to recompile a homegrown program that was originaly
>developped for Unix under Windows. We were successful in compiling this
>program with the cygwin-supplied gcc using our current Makefile.
>Now we'd like to recompile with the 'native' compiler, cl.exe provided
>with Visual Studio, as some believe the native compile would produce
>faster binaries (it's a long-running analysis code - even 5% speedup
>would be significant). Also, the gcc binary can't seem to be able to
>allocate more than 1024MB of memory, even though the machine has 4GB
>physical (this is under Windows 2000). Even then, we had to modify a
>registry key to be able to use more than 256MB, which is not great for

Take a look at the "-mno-cygwin" flag. I don't know what the ram issues
are there but it will speed things up (no cygwin1.dll) while you solve
your VC issues.

>Anyway, we're making progress in being able to compile with CL.EXE, but
>we're having trouble with include files. We use the flag
>'-I/home/user/dg/include' to point to the include directory, but it
>can't find it. If we use '-I../include' it works, but for many reasons
>we need to be able to specify absolute paths for include files.
>Has anyone done that ? I was not able to find anything relevant in the

For Borland Builder, yes. Initially three scripts (mutated into a
program after a while): "bcc", "b++" and "bar" corresponding to "gcc",
"g++", and "ar" respectively: borland linker driven via compiler so no
need for a "bld" at the time. Worked well (CXX=b++ AR=bar etc)
considering how crude it was. Essentially they recreated a plain windows
environment, translated gcc options and rearranged gcc command line
ordering into rough bcc32 equivilents (along with a "pass-through"
option for precise control).


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