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Re: undefined reference continues

Hi people,

I have been able to get .so file which I'm trying to use now in a jni link
in windows, but I'm facing some problems.
This is the situation:
I had some .cpp, .h and .lib libraries. My aim was to get a .so from these
so that it can be used in a jni link in linux, so I used cygwin. Initially,
these files were used to get a dll which talked to java programs in windows.
Now the java program is ported to linux. However even though i use the same
jvm, it cannot work since the java needs the dll. In linux the equivilent of
a dll is .so in a jni link. So, after having obtained the .so by compiling
the files in cygwin like this:
g++ *.o scdll32.lib -o, i initially got an undefined reference to
_WinMain@16. Having read from somewhere in the mialing list, I put an empty
main() in one of the .cpp file and the .so is produced.

Then I ported it to Linux and tried to run my java program, but then get the

java.lang.unsatisfiedLinkError:/folder path/ ELF header

Can anyone help me here...


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From: Harig, Mark A. <>
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Sent: Thursday, October 31, 2002 8:57 AM
Subject: RE: undefined reference continues

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> > This is a more detailed info from cygwin.
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> > Current System Time: Thu Oct 31 10:23:52 2002

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