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aclocal wrapper fails because -x check fails (something to do with ntsec ?)

My thanks to Gen Zhang for explaining to me how to get to
NTFS file permissions, and I will try experimenting with them shortly.

However, I still tend to believe that something is wrong, because:

I believe the -x test in the aclocal wrapper is failing
(thus telling me aclocal is unavailable),

yet I can actually execute the aclocal myself manually, eg,

So I can manually step through my autogen script, running the
devel versions directly instead of using the wrappers, except
then I hit a probably similar problem with autoconf (it can't
find autom4te) that I've not explored yet -- I imagine I need
to find some wrapper for autom4te to bypass as well.

My thought is that there is a disconnect between the -x test
in the aclocal wrapper (/usr/bin/aclocal) and what happens
when I interactively execute the devel aclocal script.



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