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Re: Re: Moving cygwin discussions to Usenet? (e.g., alt.os.cygwin)

Yes, your question made me wonder if it wouldn't be nice to have a cygwin-unix-questions mailing list, but then it occurred to me that then we'd have endless and indignant discussions of whether something is cygwin or unix-specific.
That's the point of a cygwin-unix list, questions can be either about cygwin or unix and still be relevant.

Also, a newbie list geared to people not yet weaned off Windows would (hopefully!) not elicit unhelpful responses like "of course you're having problems, you're still using Winblowz!" Yes, I know *nix is more stable, reliable, and more powerful, that's why I'm learning! But it's just not practical for many people to chuck everything they have and start over, especially when sharing a computer with someone not very inclined to change.

One additional advantage to a Cygwin-unix-newbie list is that since, as Raphael pointed out, "Cygwin is no *nix but a posix implementation to win" certain questions may not be answered the same way as they might on a Unix list.

Anyway, until such a list is created, I'll just stick with Mark's suggestion of prefacing every subject header with a newbie alert, and hopefully keep peace on the list!! :)

Thanks for all the input,


The current method of "survival of the fittest" seems to work best - if you can pose your question in an interesting manner, it'll get attention, whether it's a unix question or not. People scan the available threads for one that interests them and skip over ones that seem boring.

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