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RE: Moving cygwin discussions to Usenet? (e.g., alt.os.cygwin)

> OK, let me clarify - I guess what I would really like is a Cygwin-specific

> *Unix* beginner's list. My desire is not to get rid of stupid questions, 
> since I think all my questions are probably stupid, but rather the 
> questions that are just over my head and make me feel like I will never be

> at that level.

I don't think anyone objects to newbie questions on this list.  My
suggestion is that people use the "Subject:" header appropriately to filter
questions that do and don't interest them.

If newbies include "[Newbie]", or something like it, in the subject, then
people who like to help new users will probably respond.  People with less
time or interest in training a new generation will likewise be grateful for
the hint and can skip the whole thread.

In the same manner, new users should not feel compelled to read any thread
titled "Can't link xyz.dll from gcc3.2-dev", as they'd probably just be
wasting their time.  Come back to those later when (and if) you ever have a
need for that level of detail.

On the other hand, there's no reason to ever feel depressed by ignorance.
There is so much knowledge in the world that everyone has huge gaps in their
education (including the most technically literate contributors to this
list).  Ignorance != stupidity.  It just means you have some more reading to
do :-)

For what it's worth, this is a decent Unix newbie site:

The best all-time value for buying Unix knowledge was the O'Reilly Unix
Bookshelf ( which they have foolishly
allowed to go out of print (again).  Happily, you can now get them "used" on
the super-cheap:

> What I want probably does not exist, since most people probably do not use

> Cygwin the way I do. I am using it as a way to learn Unix on my Windows 
> machine without having to partition my hard drive and risk any of my 
> Windows data.

That's an excellent and common use for Cygwin (and now, Mac OS X :-)

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