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Re: ssh can't create .ssh directory

At 06:39 PM 9/27/2002, Jeff Perry wrote:
>I fixed my /etc/passwd file with mkpasswd -u uname -d domain, but it seemed
>to have broken my ssh.  When I try to ssh, it says, 'could not create
>directory '/home/uname/.ssh'.  If mv .ssh to and then try to run
>ssh-keygen again, it complains that it can't create the .ssh directory.
>Does someone know why this is true?  The file permissions look correct, and
>I chowned .ssh to make sure.

You'll probably need to change permissions on /home/uname as well.  Sounds
to me like you've switched your user from being local to the domain one.  If
so, your previously created files and directories have permissions set for
your local user.  You need to change them all to use the domain user instead.
While they may have the same user name, the IDs are different.  This will 
cause many a complaint about permissions unless you make this change.

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