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Re: n00b to Unix


How many things are wrong with this request? If you don't know anything about Unix (-style) programming and computing environments, why are you trying to use one? Do you have a specific goal?

Unix ain't exactly new or arcane. There's so very, very much available from the simplest and most elementary to the most subtle and complex, that the slightest attempt to find something would having tripping all over it. This makes it appear that you have not even tried to find out about Unix fundamentals.

If you have no money for books, try Google. If you can afford some paper, head to a technical bookstore (the "bricks and mortar" kind) and thumb through some of their Unix introductory texts. If you're nowhere near a real bookstore, check out on-line book reviews then order one or two from an on-line bookstore.

Put some effort into it! We don't go in for open-ended tutorials here, after all.

Good luck.

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 12:18 2002-09-29, Adam Reynolds wrote:
I have no clue how to use Cygwin/Unix. Any place I can go to find out
the basics of Unix command line usage?


Adam Reynolds

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