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Re: ncftp 3.1.4 bookmark save problem

At 02:43 PM 9/28/2002 -0400, you wrote:

What I meant was that the directory is named "Documents and Settings", not
"Document and Settings", as you typed in your original post.  But I'm sure
it was just a typo.
Yeah, this is what it's set to:

~$echo $HOME
/cygdrive/c/Documents and Settings/dmorelli

(paste from bash)

> >What is your $CYGWIN setting?  Are you running ncftp from a bash shell, or
> >from a shortcut?  If the latter, is your $CYGWIN set in .bashrc or
> >similar, or is it set in the Windows environment?
> CYGWIN is not set at all
> I'm running from bash
> >ncftp seems to extract the value of $HOME from /etc/passwd, rather than
> >from the current value of $HOME...  What is your home directory set to in
> >/etc/passwd?

This is probably a bug in [the Cygwin port of] ncftp (either that or an
outdated man page).

> Hm. in /etc/passwd my home is /home/[username]
> All users' homes are like that under /home  I wonder if this has always
> been in cygwin. I never looked in /etc/passwd before.

This is the default.  You can edit /etc/passwd and change it for your
user (make a backup copy first, just in case).

If the directory specified in /etc/passwd is missing, this could be the
reason for the error message you're getting.

FYI, $NCFTPDIR represents the name of the directory that will actually
contain the files, not the parent of .ncftp, i.e. the default setting
would be NCFTPDIR="$HOME/.ncftp".  It works for me on Win2k SP2, same
version of ncftp as you have.
Ok, tried modifying /etc/passwd and it works now. I suppose this should be documented. In the past, for all cygwin apps that I used, it was sufficient to have $HOME set and be done.

Thank you very much for solving my problem.

-Dino Morelli
ICQ: 3497246

"Document code? Why do you think they call it 'code'?"

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