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Re: Cygwin: name of an lwp-request script (HEAD) clashes with /bin/head

On Fri, 27 Sep 2002 18:31:41 -0400 (EDT) Igor Pechtchanski <> wrote:

> When installing LWP through CPAN, the installation creates the GET, HEAD
> and POST scripts in /usr/bin.  On Cygwin, the name HEAD clashes with an
> existing program, /bin/head.exe (Cygwin assumes a ".exe" extension if it
> cannot find a program, so /bin/head normally invokes /bin/head.exe).
> Windows mostly disallows files with the same name in different cases,
> unlike Unix, which has no trouble distinguishing between HEAD and head.
> So, to accommodate the users of Cygwin and others using case-insensitive
> filesystems, can the scripts GET, HEAD, and POST be renamed to,
>, and  Would this break a lot of existing functionality?
> Thank you.
>         Igor Pechtchanski
> P.S. I've cc'd the cygwin mailing list, as this is relevant to Cygwin.

Lwp-request strips both directory name and extension before it uses
$progname to determine $method, so adding an extension to the alias names
shouldn't bother lwp-request.

Part of the problem is that some installers have reported not seeing the
request whether to install the aliases or not if they are installing via
the CPAN shell.

Mac :})
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