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Question for perl gurus: what creates /bin/{HEAD|GET|POST}?

A question for the perl gurus:

I noticed that I have 3 files in /bin: HEAD, GET, and POST.  These are
interfaces to the LWP library.  Does anyone know what creates them?
Looking at the creation times, the most likely culprit is the CPAN perl
module, but I'd like to confirm that.

The reason I'm concerned about it is that the name HEAD clashes with
/bin/head.exe, and results in weird-looking problems that took me a while
to track down (i.e. 'ls|head' says 'head: command not found' -- I have
check_case:strict; I suspect that without it users will simply get the
wrong output).  This is most likely Cygwin-specific, as other OSs will
easily distinguish between head and HEAD.

A suggestion/request to the perl maintainer: change the names of HEAD,
GET, and POST to LWP-HEAD, LWP-GET, and LWP-POST...  For consistency, this
should probably be done in the main perl development branch, anyway,
rather than in the Cygwin port...  Does this sound very unreasonable?
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