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Re: [Proposal] Moving user mount information to HKLM

On Thu, 26 Sep 2002, Doru Carastan wrote:

> How about breaking free from using the windoze registry.  There is
> absolutely no special need to use it IMO.  All the mount info can be stored
> in a plain ASCII file like 'cygwin.cfg'.   As part of its initialization the
> cygwin1.dll can use GetModuleFileName() to figure out from where it was
> loaded and attempt to parse a possible config file located in the same dir
> with it.  If this fails it will assume that it was loaded from /bin and
> attempt to read the config file from ../etc.  If this fails then it can
> throw an error or try to recover the old info from the registry and generate
> the file based on it.  Once it knows about the system mounts it will look in
> the user's home dir for something like .cygwinrc and get from there any user
> mounts and other settings like the ones set using the CYGWIN env variable.
> Let me know if I missed something.
> Thank you,
> Doru Carastan

This has been suggested by Chris Faylor on the cygwin-developers list
about 3 weeks ago.
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