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rxvt color/redraw problems?


  I downloaded the latest rxvt version and I can confirm that the cut&paste
problem has been fixed on WinNT, as mentionned in a previous email from
Steve.  Thanks Steve.

  However, I noticed that with the new rxvt, when I am running vim under it,
I get color problems after using it for a while.  The rxvt background
suddenly becomes all white.  It is easly reproducable by resizing rxvt while
vim is running; just play a bit with it (have a file loaded).  Also, the
scroll bar of the rxvt does not redraw properly.  And once, after playing
with the rxvt like I describe, the whole WinNT environment went crazy.
Windows would not redraw other applications properly; I had to reboot.
After rebooting, I tried again the resizing issue and its still goes on,
thus I suspect that the problem lies with rxvt.

  I run vim with blue background and white foreground.  My rxvt normal
background is black.


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