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Re: Questions about Cygwin packaging

--- wrote:
> I briefly considered making a proper package for a couple of things
> for
> Cygwin, but after reading I
> realised I
> didn't know how to provide the required information.
> The issues were package names, and dependencies.
> How do you determine package names for the "required:" line
> when you're trying to do the right thing and package stuff up
> for inclusion in Cygwin.
> For example, what is the package name for X11?  Is it "X" or "X11",
> "X11R6", or "XFree86".  What about normal system dependencies like
> cygwin.dll - what is their package name?

The exact names of the packages can be found in "setup.ini" in the
form of "@ XFree86-base", where "XFree86-base" is the package name. 
As for finding what files belong to which package, use:

This also lists the proper names for the packages.  Remeber that case
sensitivity is important.
> How do you find out what the set of valid package names is?  How do
> you
> create new ones when needed?

See above...

> BTW, is it possible to run some utility that would automatically
> tell you what packages a utility depended on?

Well if you run "cygcheck <dll or exe name>", it will list the
runtime libraries the binary requires.  As for header and library
dependancies for development packages, you'll have to rely on your
own intuition.  Checking the README and the results for "configure"
should help to narrow things down.
> How accurate do the package names have to be?  Are they used in
> some automated process, or are they just rough guides for humans
> to see?

They have to be exactly as specified in setup.ini.  Otherwise, you
will cause the setup.ini generator to fail.  Also, reread that page
you mentioned again, as you might of missed some info.  You also
might want to download some of the source packages [such as libxml,
libiconv, libpng] to get a feel for how a package is compiled. 
That's how I learned.

One further note, X11 packages should be ITP'd on the Cygwin/XFree
mailing list rather then cygwin-apps.


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