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Re: cygwin and socket failure

On Tue, Sep 24, 2002 at 02:10:06PM +0200, Carolina Von Hinrichs wrote:
> Hello,
> I try to configure cygwin with ssh on my windows2000-environment. ssh from
> W2000 to an AIX-System runs well. Now I try to configure the sshd on my
> W2000-System an get the following problem.
> output on the W2000-System from the sshd: (See attached file: sshd.out)
> output on the AIX-System from ssh: (See attached file: ssh.out)
> Did I configure something wrong or is this a bug?

The socket op on non-socket is a problem which we had with 9x way back.
However, I don't remember seeing this on 2k ever.  Unfortunately you
don't give enough information what you did.  How did you config sshd? 
Do you run it as service under LocalSystem account?

Output of `cygcheck -svr' could be helpful.  As well as output of running
sshd with -d option.

Wild guessing:  Does sshd perhaps get a $PATH in which the Windows
system paths are missing?  I remember strange effects when Cygwin
wasn't able to load the Winsock DLL due to a PATH problem.


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