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Re: 2.5.5-1 rsync hangs

Sudheer Tumuluru writes:
>     I am having the same problem with rsync 2.5.5-1. I am trying to rsync
> a couple of short text files between a linux server and Win2k Professional
> boxes with cygwin. About 20% of the time, rsync freezes at the end of the
> transfer, and I can't kill the rsync process in cygwin even if I give it a
> 9 (SIGTERM) signal. This happens mostly on dual-processor machines but it
> did happen once on the single proc machine as well.

>      I rummaged through the mailing list and saw messages as old as Nov.
> 2001 (version 2.4.x) but did not find any announcement about a fix. Is
> this a known bug in 2.5.5-1, and if so, is there a fix. I can provide
> additional debugging info. if needed.

I've been using rsync for some time now (in "local" mode) on a Win2K box.  I
haven't been paying close attention, but I think it worked fine for a while,
then I started to get the same kinds of hangup.  If someone can offer advice
on how to set debugging options, I can also produce some evidence.  (BTW,
I'm running "version 2.5.5  protocol version 26".)

Thanks in advance for any good words,

Don Dwiggins                     "The truth will make you free,         but first it will make you miserable"
                                  -- Tom DeMarco

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