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Re: Performance Issues due to Anti-Virus software.

On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Graham Harrison wrote:

> Hi,
> I support about 15 developers who use cgywin and PRC-Tools to develop
> for PalmOS.
> While migrating from cygnus version B20 to the latest version of cygwin
> (and then PRC-Tools) we have seen a drastic performance drop.
> Some may think that I'm over stating the problem, but a file which used
> to compile in under a second now take 6 seconds.  Multiply this up by
> the number of files in a project, and then by the number of developers I
> support and you can see my point.  These guys are going to kill me if I
> can't get it sorted!!
> The problem seems to be with Norton Anti-Virus.  We mainly use Corp.
> edition, but I've tried an OEM version of 2002 and that does the same.
> Given that it is Corp. edition this gives me an issue or 2 over the
> norm:  1) the developers can't turn it off themselves so I'd have to do
> it and turn it on afterwards.  (This is not happening!)  2)  There isn't
> that much which can be tweaked.
> >From my reading on the web, I believe the problem is to do with memory
> mapped files.  Can anyone suggest the best things to tweak to stop
> Norton and Cygwin from clashing with each other?
> Thanks.

This may be relevant:
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