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Performance Issues due to Anti-Virus software.


I support about 15 developers who use cgywin and PRC-Tools to develop
for PalmOS.
While migrating from cygnus version B20 to the latest version of cygwin
(and then PRC-Tools) we have seen a drastic performance drop.

Some may think that I'm over stating the problem, but a file which used
to compile in under a second now take 6 seconds.  Multiply this up by
the number of files in a project, and then by the number of developers I
support and you can see my point.  These guys are going to kill me if I
can't get it sorted!!

The problem seems to be with Norton Anti-Virus.  We mainly use Corp.
edition, but I've tried an OEM version of 2002 and that does the same.  

Given that it is Corp. edition this gives me an issue or 2 over the
norm:  1) the developers can't turn it off themselves so I'd have to do
it and turn it on afterwards.  (This is not happening!)  2)  There isn't
that much which can be tweaked.

>From my reading on the web, I believe the problem is to do with memory
mapped files.  Can anyone suggest the best things to tweak to stop
Norton and Cygwin from clashing with each other?


Graham Harrison
Astraware Ltd.

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