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RE: Shed light on Tetex packages

Hi Jan,

first of all: Thank you for clearing things up.


> > - tetex-extra is only optional if tetex-base was chosen - tetex-x11
> > is only optional if tetex-tiny was chosen - tetex-doc and
> > tetex-devel are optional independent of the "basic" choice - whats
> > package "tetex" for? It seems again incompatible with the tetex-base
> > choice.
> I don't understand this.

1) I was not sure about the tetex package itself (cleared now, although it seems now, that is is not different to tetex-tiny at all)
2) the problem is, that some of the optional packages reference tetex-tiny and others reference tetex-base fpr dependency. Therefore you might end with an installation of both alternative packages without *explicitly* selecting them both. I assume now, that the dependency references tetex-tiny unless the optional package needs the full stuff from tetex-base.

> I'll add this note to the announce message, and include it in the
> README for the next release:
>     NOTE: The tetex-tiny and tetex-base packages overlap.  If you
>           choose for a full tetex installation (or just install
>           everything), both will be installed, which should be fine.
>           Please don't uninstall one of them, there should be no need
>           to do so.  If you do, you must reinstall the other.

OK. This will help definately tetex dummies as me :)


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