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Re: can Cygwin CVS change line endings on checkout/update?

Actually, Cyg CVS (afaik) determines line termination defauls based on
the cyg dll, and user-defined mounts that the check-out are done to. 
I've found this as we have a number of developers using cyg/cvs who have
set up mounts in a number of creative ways (not according to docs,etc.)
... and cvs will write files in UNIX mode.  Normally, cvs will write PC
flavoured files.

The command line version of cvs does support repairing incorrect
line-terminators - useful if you happen to import some binary files that
prefer not to have their contents messed with.  The command is cvs admin
- I don't recall the full syntax off hand (the Cerviquest docs are

-- mx

On Sat, 2002-09-21 at 21:26, Igor Pechtchanski wrote:
> I don't believe cvs itself is aware of DOS line endings.  However, as
> Nicholas suggested, you can set up a filter to do this.  If you control
> the repository, look at CVSROOT/cvswrappers, especially the "-t/-f"
> options.

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