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Re: nfs server ported?

--- Matt Swift <> wrote:
> Back in January on this list, there was a short discussion of
> porting
> nfs servers, userspace and otherwise.  Is there one available now? 
> I
> tried to compile the userspace server from
> but
> it
> needs a lot of headers under /usr/include/rpc which aren't there in
> Cygwin.
> ------------------
>     RPC and NFS port for cygwin
>     From: "Rico Juinio" <rjuinio at qinet dot net>
>     To: <cygwin at cygwin dot com>
>     Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 17:01:13 +0800
>     Subject: RPC and NFS port for cygwin
>     I have search high and low for a port of ONC/SUN RPC to cygwin.
>  Alas I can
>     find only the ONCRPC port for Windows NT that does not even
> support
>     compiling using gcc.  So I ported SUNRPC 4.0.  Its seems to be
> working
>     however would anybody be interested in polishing this effort? 
> or maybe
>     there is already a better cygwin RPC port?
>     PS. I also ported the userland NFS server.

I emailed Rico awhile back and he said he wasn't going to further his
effort, but you might be able to pick up where he left off.  He told
me he sent the source to a bunch of people, who obviously didn't do
anything.  However, I'd say send him an email and see how far you
get.  BTW, if you are successful, don't forget to contribute back to
the community :-).


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