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Re: Bash local builtin and redirection problems

On Sun, 22 Sep 2002 11:00:14 +1000 Ray Pimm <> wrote:

> I have successfully installed Cygwin on Windows 2000 SP3. However, when I 
> attempt to run a bash shell script that works fine under Linux, two 
> problems occur.
> 1. The bash "local" builtin does not seem to work. Error message is "local: 
> not found".
> 2. Both shorthand formats "&>file" and ">&file" for redirecting standard 
> output and standard error do not work. However, the longhand equivalent 
> ">file 2>&1" does work.
> Strangely, both of the above features work from the bash command line (but 
> not from a shell script).
> Cygwin version is 1.3.12-4.
> Bash version is 2.05b-5. An earlier version 2.05a-3 also fails.

What is in your script's #! line?  /bin/bash != /bin/sh, sh is actually
ash, not bash.

Mac :})
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