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Re: How to install packages...

Robert Collins <> wrote in

> Soren, you should submit the changes as a diff for starters.
> Secondly, if at all possible, submit a change against the website CVS.

Ah. Second things first: I didn't know there was a website cvs.

First things second, my working methods for HTML usually involve running
the document through HTML Tidy (, also it is now a Cygwin
package, FYI). What resulted from doing so in this case was a file in
which indentation was introduced (whitespace changed in nearly every
line). A diff would have been pointless in that the diff would have been
far larger than the entire file. I have doubts about the efficacy and
common-sense of rigidly requiring a protocol of 'diffs' against static
HTML documents, which are not source code and don't get "compiled" in
any sense. In this case I think it made far more sense to submit the
entire file which can be simply viewed in a browser (a line reading
<BASE HREF="";> could be introduced into the HEAD of the
document in order to facilitate preview before going "live" so that
relative urls can be resolved, allowing links and inline images to work
right, and can be removed if desired once the file is approved). 

OTOH I grant you that a small number of changes to a large *collection*
of static HTML documents *could* be a case where submission of diffs
would be the preferable protocol as it would better facilitate oversight
of the changes (making sure that the submittor didn't "accidentally"
change every instance of "" in URLs to "" or
anything scandalous like that ;-). 


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