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Re: How to install packages...

On Fri, Sep 20, 2002 at 06:35:15PM -0700, Bruce Alderson wrote:
>>How about "Run Cygwin Setup"?  It's pretty self-explanatory from then
>>on...  :-)
>You'd actually be suprised ;-P

I know that my eyebrows have just hit the ceiling.

>We use cyg and the Gnu autotools for building our product on Win32 ...
>and I find myself walking devs through the effort of setting cyg up
>(and then later helping them set it up /properly/).

Sounds like your installation is only halfway operational to me.  Maybe
that's part of your problem.  When you install the 'win' part of cygwin
it works much better.

>I know that setup.exe doesn't currently support batch operations ...
>how much effort would it be to add?  Is it planned?  Is there a better
>way to install it in a batch manner?

Eureka!  Batch operations!

Gary!  Nevermind!  We have a replacement for the resizeable chooser screen
discussion.  And to think I almost forgot this one.



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