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Re: Fw: Telnet Script?

Hi Tom,

Thanks for the offer, however I'm not using expect at the moment.

You might also like to think about using ssh.  It allows you to execute
commands remotely and do neat things like:

    tar cf - . | ssh <hostname> "cat > file.tar"

The syntax might not be quite correct, however hopefully it gives you the
idea that you can pipe stuff to a remote command.

scp allows you to securely copy files to remote systems.

Using keys (and ssh-agent), ssh, scp and sftp can be set up so that you
don't have to use passwords.



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To: "Alistair Grant" <>; <>
Sent: Friday, September 20, 2002 10:29 AM
Subject: Re: Fw: Telnet Script?

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> Alistair:
> I have been able to write cygwin expect scripts to telnet to remote
> boxes running the cygwin telnetd and then subsequently invoke
> bash scripts.  I did this to work around the in-ability to map
> network drives under cron (cron calls the expect script that
> telnets in to launch the bash script :->).  I can e-mail you an example
> ;let me know.

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