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gdb segfaults with dumper core file


I've been unable to find much in the archives about the dumper.exe tool
and I'm almost as unfamiliar with gdb usage so ...

I've compiled a program called pcps, which converts text to postscript
and sends it to a printer.  Under an admin login, it works pretty much
correctly.  But, under a normal 'Domain Users' account it delivers the
job to the print spooler and then segfaults.  The output does print.

Under gdb it runs without segfaulting... as any cynic would expect.

So, I modified cygwin.bat with the dumper.exe entry, reran pcps and
got a pcps.exe.core that is about 2MB in size.  I tried a few variations
on 'gdb --core=pcps.exe.core' and gdb itself segfaults in every case
and generates a 'gdb.exe.core' of about 7MB.

Is there some trick to using dumper output with gdb?  Or do I need
to resign myself to the recursive strategy of now debugging gdb,
and so on ...

Doug Wyatt

Versions used are:
binutils            20020706-2
cygwin            1.3.12-4
gcc                 3.1.1-4
gdb                 20020718-1

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