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Re: Why rxvt?

On Thu, 19 Sep 2002 17:17:45 -0700 "Paul D. DeRocco" <> wrote:

> Can anyone tell me what advantages this might have for running bash,
> compared to the usual Windows command line window? I noticed in the readme
> that rxvt can leave child processes running if you close the window, which
> is scary since that's how I habitually terminate a command line session.

Don't do that.  It's best to shut down any program as gracefully as it can.
For command line windows, that is by using the appropriate exit command.

Rxvt you gives better control over the window, especially in Win9x,
keyboard, cut-and-paste, scrollbars, resizing, fonts, and colors in

In WinNT and it's descendents, I've been perfectly happy using the console
window though in WinXP I've found it useful to call bash.exe directly
rather than via cygwin.bat to avoid having cmd.exe respond on exit to any
Ctrl-C's I've pressed during the session.

Mac :})
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