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Re: Fw: Telnet Script?


I have been able to write cygwin expect scripts to telnet to remote
boxes running the cygwin telnetd and then subsequently invoke
bash scripts.  I did this to work around the in-ability to map
network drives under cron (cron calls the expect script that
telnets in to launch the bash script :->).  I can e-mail you an example
;let me know.

Tom Rodman
perl -e 'print unpack("u", "\.\=\$\!T\<F\]D\;6\%N\+F\-O\;0H\`");'

On Mon 9/16/02 6:33 +1000 "Alistair Grant" wrote:
>Daniel wrote:
>> Start the script in Cygwin on my machine. Change the password for my user,
>> then subsequently telnet into another machine, and then change the
>> for the account that I use on that machine. I have ideas of how to manage
>> the passwords for whatever machine is current, but I am wondering if there
>> is a way to control things based on what a user might see, but through an
>> automated script. Does anyone have an example of how this could be done?
>> does someone have a suggestion of where to find information on this?
>I haven't used it, however take a look at the "expect" package.  It's
>purpose is to script the input to other interactive programs.
>Hope this helps,
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