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RE: Open bash at the current explorer directory?

I must be missing something.

I added the registry entries plus the profile entries, both for
/etc/.profile and ~/.profile.

Now, the right-button menu command "Open with command prompt" works just
wonderfully (if the resulting cmd.exe window can actually be described with
that word), but "Open with Cygwin shell (rxvt)" just gets me an error window
showing (in the title bar) the path of the folder I tried to use, and the
error message "This file does not have a program associated with it for
performing this action. Create an association in the Folder Options control

(By the way, when John's message says .profile I assume he means
.bash_profile since the registry mods invoke bash?  Out of sheer ignorance
(I'm not a unix or shell weenie at all) I just added the .profile stuff to
both files.)

John Doucette wrote:

> Sorry Frantisek et al,
> Mea culpa. You are correct.  I was not using a .profile at all, thanks for

> pointing out the problem.  I have rearranged things and retested with a 
> .profile.  I placed
> (etc)

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