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Re: PHP Apache module with PostgreSQL support

> > The error about crypt doesn't appear any more just lines complaining
> > undefined references to the xml extension.
> > ...
> > It won't work with the flag -lxml. What flag should I specify instead?
> I don't actually know -- I'm not into PHP -- but on a guess you might try
> installing "expat" from the Libs section and using -lexpat.  That's the
> "standard" XML library, AFAIK.

It doesn't work. The same output occurs like without the -lexpat flag.

The expat package (1.95.4-1) was installed with Cygwin's setup.exe. There's
no libexpat.dll (but a (/usr/bin/)cygexpat-0.dll)...

Does it require to rerun configure (with the provided --with-expat-dir
<config.log without expat option contains>
configure:73895: checking whether to enable XML support
configure:73934: result: yes
configure:73944: checking external libexpat install dir
configure:73984: result: no
configure:74689: checking for XMLRPC-EPI support
configure:74729: result: no
configure:74739: checking libexpat dir for XMLRPC-EPI
configure:74779: result: no
configure:77862: checking whether to enable xslt support
configure:77901: result: no
configure:77911: checking for XSLT Sablotron backend
configure:77951: result: no
configure:77961: checking libexpat dir for Sablotron XSL support
configure:78001: result: no

Output with configure option --with-expat-dir:
checking external libexpat install dir... yes
configure: error: not found. Please reinstall the expat distribution.

Should I do this by using setup.exe or...
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